Resources Videos

EasyScan GO Project Launch

November 2017

Global Good and Motic introduce the Easyscan Go, a breakthrough AI-powered microscope built to fight drug-resistant malaria and assist in case management, making a future where disease detection is simplified and standardized, and quality diagnosis is within reach for every family.

Introducing the MoticEasyScan

September 2016

Find out everything you need to know about our MoticEasyScan. In this video, our product specialist Dr. Cristina Silva explains in more detail how our scanner system works, as well as the software.

MoticEasyScan Launch

May 2016

Get a glimpse to Motic's first scanner for Pathology applications. Scan your samples in a few minutes with just one click and discover all the possibilities that its powerful software offers you.

MoticEasyScan Pre-launch

May 2015

Teaser video to build excitement before the official launch.