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The Biggest Improvement to Your Daily Workflow

Make it easy – with MoticEasyScan

MoticEasyScan uses a specially designed high-NA Plan Apochromatic objective (20X/0.75) to maximize its color fidelity and resolution power. Combined with a large 2/3″ CCD sensor, the MoticEasyScan is able to image large fields of view in a split second, while delivering image detail equivalent to a high power 40X lens.

Collaborate Anywhere with our Exclusive Digital Suite

Once you scan your slides with MoticEasyScan, it’s easier than ever to analyze the data anywhere – on multiple devices. Collaboration with your colleagues is easy, thanks to our DSAssistant Viewer software.

Our Digital Suite Includes:

  • Flexible cloud or local network deployable servers.

  • Digital Slide management software for library management.

  • Conference tools for group discussion and education.

  • Robust third-party software support.

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A Full Range of Digital Slide Scanning Solutions

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MoticEasyScan One

The best desktop slide scanner available today. Compact, powerful, and deployable anywhere.

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MoticEasyScan Pro

The perfect product for any medical organization looking to join the digital revolution in pathology.

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MoticEasyScan Infinity

Fully-featured solution for any organization in need of reliable, high volume scanning.

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Digitize Your Slide Information

Digitizing glass slides is an essential approach for faster, more reliable, and more efficient work in healthcare, research and education.

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