When: October 8-11, 2019
Where: The Swissotel Lima, Lima, Peru
Booth Number: 05

The 32nd Latin American Congress of Pathology provides a space for pathologists to discuss the enormous advances in various areas of oncological and non-oncological pathology, with the participation of leading international professors in a variety of sub-specialties, practitioners, and industry representatives. This congress will place special emphasis on the integration of cytological, morphological, immunophenotypic, and genetic-molecular data with clinical, radiological imaging, and clinical laboratory data for proper prognostic and predictive information. The pathologist’s role has always been fundamental in multidisciplinary health teams and has acquired even more relevance today due to the development of therapies based on detectable molecular alterations. Thus, this congress includes molecular topics in each thematic area in addition to a molecular pathology course.

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