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Motic Digital Pathology’s vision is to make digital pathology approachable for everyone. As such, we partner with large hospital networks, emerging startup companies, healthcare non-profits and foundations, and NGOs to impact the digital pathology space together.

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We Proudly Partner with the Following Organizations:

We Proudly Partner with the Following Organizations:

The British Columbia Cancer Agency

Motic has partnered with the British Columbia Cancer Agency for nearly two decades to provide automated cervical cancer screenings and telepathology consultation in China. China’s population size, large landmass, and provider shortages have all historically created barriers to the widespread, annual, population-based cervical cancer screenings that have significantly reduced cancer rates in Western countries. Using over 1,000 Motic scanners with the teleconsultation platform, expert pathologists in centralized laboratories are able to screen nearly a million women a year, significantly improving patient outcomes through early detection opportunities.

About the British Columbia Cancer Agency: With the vision of a world free from cancer, the BCCA covers the full spectrum of cancer care from prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment, to research and education, to supportive and palliative care.

The American Society of Clinical Pathology

The ASCP’s Partners in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa initiative has installed MoticEasyScanners at hospitals in Tanzania, Rwanda, eSwatini, Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, and Kenya, with additional countries slated for coverage in the coming year. Using our donated cloud teleconsultation platform, doctors in under-resourced regions of sub-Saharan Africa collaborate daily with expert pathologists at Duke Medical and the University of California, San Francisco.

About the ASCP’s Partners in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa initiative: Combining the skills and experience of ASCP members with the latest breakthroughs in telepathology technology, the Partners in Cancer Diagnosis provide affordable, quality, real-time diagnostics expertise to clinicians in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Global Good Fund by Intellectual Ventures

Motic Digital Pathology and Intellectual Ventures partnered to build and distribute the EasyScanGO, an AI-powered scanning microscope that can automatically and accurately detect malaria parasites within minutes. Leveraging machine learning in diagnosis enables global health experts to speedily combat the spread of drug-resistant malaria, a disease that impacts up to 2 million people each year.

About Global Good: Funded by Bill Gates and focused on a shared vision with Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures, Global Good invents technology to solve some of humanity’s most daunting problems.


Techcyte and Motic Digital Pathology partnered to create a complete, end-to-end digital pathology solution for veterinary, human, and air quality labs, combining Motic’s world-class scanning hardware with Techcyte’s machine-learning image analysis and workflow platform.

About Techcyte: Techcyte uses the power of deep learning to perform the image analysis of whole slide images for use of digital pathology in research, pharma, human, air quality, and veterinary diagnostic testing.